Located in the heart of Toulouse, on the top floor of the impressive arch of the Library José Cabanis, we will welcome you in the Espace Vanel, a 500 sqm. space surrounded by a 300 sqm. terrace that gives out onto the city, with a beautiful and unique view of our lovely city by day and night.

The contemporary architecture of the space brings a dynamic, light and warm atmosphere while also being very close to the historic center of our pink-bricked city.

You will find a vast array of housing options as well as places to eat and drink nearby.
Public transportation is very close by – the main train station, buses and rental bikes are just a few minutes walk away, and a metro station is right below the building. A big parking lot is also right below.

We look forward to welcoming you in this exceptional space for a tango marathon below the Toulousan stars!!


When we say we’re from Toulouse, we often hear “oh yes, the Airbus headquarters!”.
But Toulouse is so much more.

While being the fourth biggest city in France, it is very welcoming and attracts young students as well as people who come to cruise the Canal du Midi.
Our city holds beautiful architecture, wonderful plazas as well as intriguing museums and cloisters! We hope you will enjoy strolling through the streets, parks, and along the Garonne, having coffee or an apéro in one of the numerous cafés and bars.
And if you feel like taking a break from dancing or decide to spend more time here before or after the event, here are some recommendations:

Go to the Saint-Aubin market on Sunday morning

Go check out Carlos Gardel’s home (or stay there while you’re here!)

Go the Halle des Machines to see the huge Minautor walk the streets of the neighborhood

Rent a bike and ride south along the Canal du Midi

Go visit the various museums: musée des Augustins, Beaux-Arts, Georges Labit, Paul Dupuy, musée d’art moderne des abattoirs, Hôtel d’Assézat, the Château-d’Eau gallery, Museum d’histoire naturelle or, for those who are passionate about space and planes, la cité de l’espace