Guilhem FIRMIN
Dancer and musician, Guilhem Firmin has been teaching Argentine tango in and around Toulouse since
2015 with Leslie Hassid. Together they create their milonga “La Ultima Curda”. Originally an
accordionist, his taste for music led him to become a DJ. Constantly on the lookout for new
new discoveries, he offers a repertoire essentially drawn from the orchestras of tango’s golden age.
tango. Curious, he can punctuate the evening with more contemporary pieces to give the
the evening.

David began working as a dj in 1999, but it wasn’t until 2012 that he became interested in tango
tango and started dancing.
In 2014, he began playing music in local milongas, and little by little he
started to go out: Guipuzcoa. Pamplona, Burgos, Zaragoza,Valencia, Malaga…
His traditional style made some organizers of encuentros milongueros interested in his music.
Ensueños (Portugal) RDV (Italy) LaFranteña (France)…
And in numerous tango events such as marathons and national and international
and international festivals.
David combines orchestras from the 30’s to the 50’s, applying what he has learned in the past
attention to the dance floor: good energy, good sound and lots of love in every
love in every tanda.

She discovered tango in Buenos Aires in 2012, has been dancing since 2013 and has been DJing since 2019. She
chooses her tangos from among those of the Golden Age, with frequent detours into those of the Guardia Vieja
and the early 1950s. Between joyful and playful tangos, intense and full of emotion, she is
she is careful to vary the orchestras, serving the energy of the ball. She mainly performed in France
France, but also in Germany (La Cuerda Tango Marathon in Frankfurt , Mattstedt Tango
Marathon) and Switzerland (CocoGardel).

Nicolas ARRIBAT :
Nicolas Arribat sees his work as a DJ as a live performance.
what the dancers want to hear, and then to lead them gently along circuitous paths,
and then to lead them gently along circuitous paths. He then establishes a bond with the dancers, and does everything he can to ensure that it lasts until the end.
and he’ll do everything he can to make sure it lasts until the end of the night! During a marathon, the challenge is all the more exciting
all the more exciting as you have to keep the dancers dancing while sparing their energy and
with the other djs. What he hates: busy chairs. What he loves: free
chairs. Dj Arribat has been based in Toulouse for 5 years, but continues to travel around Europe to
to make music.

Marinette PETITPAS :
I’ve been a tango DJ for many years now, so I choose the pieces that really get me going at dances, and build them around my favourites of the moment.
my favourites of the moment. I like to play with the variety of orchestras and periods
periods, moving from one colour to another, creating contrasts, always with the aim of achieving harmony and coherence throughout.
harmony and coherence throughout the set, for greater fluidity on the dance floor. Traditional
in my musical choices, I sometimes propose 2 or 3 nuevos to lighten the serious and concentrated atmosphere of the milongas.
atmosphere of the milongas, but the golden age of Argentine tango remains my favourite period.